Should I Have My Piece Reupholstered Or Just Buy New?

I'm Going To Be Brutally Honest Here. Granted, Some Upholsterers Will Take On Any Work, But That Is Not The Case At Knox Upholstery.  


Reasons To Have Your Furniture Upholstered:

  • Your furniture has sentimental value
  • You don't wish to participate in the "throw-away-culture"
  • It's valuable, historical, of quality or high-end (is it heavy? Have it upholstered)
  • You appreciate the art of upholstery & want a one-of-a-kind piece to showcase

Reasons To Purchase New:

  • You furniture is from that chain discount big-box store and/or that store advertises like they are selling used cars (Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!)
  • It's a reclining sofa or reclining sectional
  • You are bargain hunting
  • Your piece has been residing outside unprotected and might host a family of squirrels